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Business Succession Planning

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Owning a business allows you to build a valuable asset. In addition to the accumulated value of your business, it may also provide you and your family with essential and useful income.
However, owning a business comes with its share of concerns.

Have you considered what would happen to the value of your business and the income it generates for you and your family if something were to happen to you or key employees? Without advanced planning, a small business may be forced to liquidate upon the death or disability of an owner or others critical to the business. In the alternative, the company may undergo a forced sale at a diminished value.

How We Work

Through Business Succession Planning, small business owners have three ways to plan for retirement and unforeseen circumstances:

  1. Retention of the Business for the Family
  2. Sale of the Business to Co-Owners, Employee or Third Party
  3. Planned Liquidation of the Business

We help you analyze these three alternatives, allow you to determine which is most suitable for your situation, and help you ensure your business continuation goals are a reality. By doing this, we can create a smooth transfer and that you and your family get the most out of your business.

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