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Liquate the Business on a Planned Basis

In some situations, there is no family member capable of or willing to continue the business and a willing buyer cannot be identified. In these situations, the only alternative may be to liquidate the business at the owner's death or disability.

Without proper advance planning, however, a financially-disastrous forced liquidation may result. A forced liquidation can greatly diminish the value of the business asset, while eliminating the source of income upon which the owner or surviving family depended.

When a business cannot be retained by the family, or sold at an owner's death or disability, advance planning can enable a planned orderly liquidation of the business by providing the funds needed to:

  • Pay estate taxes and other estate settlement costs or
  • Continue an income to the disabled owner or surviving family.
  • Allow the time for a planned liquidation that can help maximize the liquidation value of the business.
  • Offset the diminished value of the business that results from even a planned liquidation.

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