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I use analogies of driving without a map in the fog. You would not travel around the world let alone across the country without a plan and a map. Modern technology allows us to do this much easier than in the past. Even with life’s unexpected turns you still can get to where you want but you need to plan.

Understanding what you have. Knowing what you own is a little more complicated than simply reviewing your 401(k) or IRA balance. In fact, a broad array of retirement income sources could come into play in helping you create the lifestyle you want to live after you finish working. In addition to your workplace savings plan and IRA, you need to factor in the potential income that may come from Social Security, investments, real estate, pensions, and even part-time employment. Woven together, these income sources can form a much stronger retirement plan than they can individually. - See more at:

Most business owner can tell me about their products and profit margins but still need help on understand the “Family Business” with all the (holding) assets the “family business” has accumulated over the years.

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