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Market Watch: Sideways Market?

March 10, 2016

HOW ABOUT A SIDEWAYS MARKET?  The market is giving off conflicting messages. Technical indicators are showing improvement. Market leadership, however, shows a generally defensive posture. This leads me to suspect that the current market isn't that bullish or bearish at the moment, which leaves us somewhere in the middle. We may have a sideways market for a while. Until a change happens, the market may just tread water for now.

The below information is "What It Is."  Watch trends of the stock market - it’s not about your return on principal but return of principal and interest.  (All chart data is as of 3/9/2016)

Some areas are looking better...

This is just for educational purposes, and I am not making any specific recommendations. This is simply a guide to assist you in thinking about your own personal position, how much risk you are willing to take, and what your expectations are.

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