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Market & Banking Review in Volatile Markets

February 05, 2016

We are bombarded with information from sources such as the Federal Reserve, television analysts, brokerage firm analysts, economists’ projections, newspapers, junk mail, neighbors, war reporters, etc.  Making investment decisions without a plan or methodology is truly a gamble. 

I have mentioned the long-term trends of the stock market before.  These long-term up and down moves are trends based upon valuations as opposed to price; such trends are called secular markets.  This is "What It Is."  Banks can analyze their customers' financials at any time; therefore, they can often see trouble coming before others become aware. The stock charts show many three-year lows. Some of them are below the 2009 lows. In my mind, caution is warranted.  (All chart data is as of 2/3/2016)

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Finally, beware when you hear “it is different this time,” as it probably is not.

This is just for educational purposes, and I am not making any specific recommendations. This is simply a guide to assist you in thinking about your own personal position, how much risk you are willing to take, and what your expectations are.