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Since 1987, Sedway Financial has been working with high net worth self-made business owners who have complex income tax and estate tax planning issues. We also provide services to a wide variety of professionals and their families. Self-made, financially set individuals seek our services so they can enjoy life without being encumbered by managing and keeping track of their wealth. These individuals are usually also looking for an established family advisor in the event something happens to the patriarch. 

We specialize in planned giving “philanthropy.” We help people understand that once they pay taxes they lose position and control of their assets. Planned giving can be a great tool for generational planning, and to help you keep more of what you have worked so hard for. 

The majority (90%) of our clients are referred to us by satisfied clients, attorneys, and CPAs. Because of our advanced software and communications technology, we have clients all over the United States as well as other areas of the world. We strive for our clients to feel like we are right next door. We have access to a large variety of top planning tools, financial products, advisors and companies to work with. We have physical offices in Nevada and California and do a lot of work with Nevada Planning. 

Our mission in the Wealth Management business is to provide you with the clarity, confidence, and commitment to achieve your financial goals, giving you a new-found understanding of how much is possible.