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| March 24, 2020
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Sedway Financial is a financial services company and is one of 16 Essential Services that will stay open during the current California shutdown.  We are also expanding our hours of operation to be there for you.

During this rapidly moving global pandemic, it is natural that we think about the threats facing us.  These are indeed unprecedented times, coupled with turbulent markets and uncertainty about the future.

We take pride in keeping apprised of how current financial dynamics are unfolding and encourage you to call us to discuss your personal situation, accounts, and how we can help.

Please go to Schedule Appointment or call Julie at 916-833-6100 or 800-925-2050 to schedule a time.  You can also find a link to schedule an appointment at the top of our home page.  If you are currently on the Wealth Management System (WMS), please make sure your connections are all up to date before your appointment.

We wish you all health and wellness through what is likely to be a truly chaotic time for folks.

Our mission in the Wealth Management business is to provide you with the clarity, confidence, and commitment to achieve your financial goals.  You will benefit from a new-found understanding of how much is possible.

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